Rianne Coale: Technology Futurist of the Future

When I was about 14, my parents got my siblings and I a cell phone to share. It was a bulky brick of a phone, but it was such an exciting thing to have in my possession. My brother and sister didn’t seem to care so much about the phone because she was 12 and my brother was “too cool” to carry a cell phone because he was in highschool, so needless to say, the phone became MINE! I carried it everywhere and couldn’t imagine ever having a cooler piece of technology at my fingertips.

This is an article by ABC News about Kids and Cell Phones that I found really interesting!

I couldn’t text on it, I could only make calls on the phone, and it matched my mp3 player quite nicely. Technology has evolved so much even since I was 14 years old. Six years later a cell phone can do everything from text, make movies, to even talk back to you! (Siri haha)

My iPod can browse the internet, play games, and purchase music; quite a long jump from my small mp3 player that had the coolest feature of being able to record music off the radio.

If technology has changed so much in such a short time, I don’t think its hard to predict that technology will continue to evolve into something even greater. Cell phones will be able to physically talk to your friends for you and carry on a conversation if you are too busy to talk. iPods might be able to project holograms in the near future, so you can see the band playing your favorite song “live” in front of you!

This is a video of the rapper Tupac as a hologram on stage. It is so weird, but also so cool because it looks like he is really there!

I think that laptops will be a staple in the classroom and all homework, tests, and teaching will be over the internet. Students won’t have to leave their dorm rooms to go to all their classes. I think more texts books will become virtual and we will be able to use “virtual money” to pay for them.

The internet will only become more complex and grow into something that none of us can really fathom at this point. It has a mind of it’s own and will become the largest database of any information ever. Its something that no one can really predict the future of because it is already bigger than human thought.

If you had told me six years ago that I would have a Blackberry that could browse the internet, check my email, text, take pictures and video, and play music, I would have thought you were lieing. Technology is immortal, it will continue to grow and develop even when we’re no longer around to see it. We must take caution.

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